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At SmartFox, we are proud of our work. However, we decided to stay confidential about our joint projects. Their identities would not be unveiled, and we would also keep sensitive information on the projects we worked on together a secret. This means you won't be able to meet specific brand names or campaigns that real people feature. On the other hand, we'd love to tell you about our projects, in person. Fill out the contact form below and let’s begin the conversation about how we can boost your brand’s digital success.

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Greta Hoffmann

Overall, working with SmartFox has led to the renewed activity in social media and achievement of the goal set to address the target viewership. We rose to the challenge and using creative content and a properly designed strategy we were able to grow brand’s recognition as well as the customers’ loyalty to the brand. I highly recommend SmartFox!

Javier Martínez

SmartFox transformed my business! Meta ads helped me capture new clients and boost my sales. They are professional, innovative, and have the clients’ best interests at heart. I recommend them 100%!

Kostas Vlahos

Thanks to SmartFox, I was able to greatly increase customers’ interest and sales in my businesses through email marketing. Their professionalism and the individual attention that they pay to each client ensured that the process was incredibly efficient. I would like to endorse SmartFox for any company that wants to expand.

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